A:   PV 500NP SETTINGS MENU GUIDE Make sure the SD card is inserted and the device is charged before you turn on the unit. Do so by holding down the power button until the screen stating “Start” appears. 

If the first screen that comes up after “Start” disappears is the live camera feed, you will only HAVE A FEW SECONDS to touch the gear shaped settings icon in the bottom right corner or the triangle/arrow in the top left corner. 

This will bring up the Menu. If you miss your window to touch the buttons, just turn the unit off and back on and try again.

 Turning on the unit without having the camera plugged in will automatically take you to the menu screen.

 The first menu screen is a 3x3 grid of colored squares with symbols. Starting from the top left and going left to right, row by row, here are the settings for each option: Menu Page 1 1.    Live Camera Feed – Touching this while the camera is plugged in will take you to the live camera feed. If no camera is plugged in or detected then the message “No signal” will appear on screen instead. 

2.    Video Files – Here you can play back recorded video files stored on the SD Card. 

3.    Video Resolution – Gives you the option to change between 1080p, 720p, and WVGA. The check mark indicates which setting is currently selected. 

4.    Video Length – Here you can change how long the device will record before a new video file is created. The options are 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes. 10 minutes is the default. 

5.    FPS – You can change between recording at 30FPS or 60FPS here. The default is 30 FPS. 

6.    Time and Date Setting – Going here will allow you to edit the time and date settings which will be displayed both on the live video feed screen and on the video recordings. 

7.    Time Stamp Display – Here you can turn the showing of the time and date stamp either off or on. Turning this off will prevent the time and date from displaying on the live feed and on the video recordings. Note: The device’s time will still show on the live camera feed in the lower right corner. 

8. Language – You can change the device’s language between English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, or Simple Chinese here.

 9.    More – Pressing this will take you to the next menu page and display additional options Menu Page 2 There are only 7 options on this page. Starting again from the top left and going left to right, row by row: 

10.    Login Management – Here you can set a password onto your DVR to keep other people from accessing the menu or device without permission. The first time you come to this screen you can set your own password using the numbers 0 through 9. The password must be 8 digits long. Once you’ve entered the password you desire, press the green “OK” button and enter the password a second time to confirm. Once a password is set you can come back to this screen and change it by entering a new password. 

11.    Login Password – This can be set either to ON or OFF. Having this on will enable the password protection and prevent anyone from accessing the device without entering in the 8 digit password created in the 10th Menu option located on Page 2. 

12.    Sound Recording – Turning this on will allow for sound recording. This is not always on by default. 

13.    LCD Display – You can change how long the device’s screen will remain powered before going to sleep. If no inputs are made the device will shut the display off after the set interval. The options are Off, 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes. 

14.    Calibration – When you tap on this option a reticle will appear on a black screen. Tapping on this reticle will cause it to move to a new location. Continue to tap on the reticle to allow the device to calibrate its touch screen sensor. Once completed the word “Success” will appear on screen before taking you back to the menu screen. 

15.    Format SD Card – This menu option will allow you to format the SD card. DOING SO WILL ERASE ALL SAVED RECORDINGS. If your files on the SD card become corrupted due to misuse, or if you are using a brand new SD card, you can format it here to make sure it is working properly. Just move any saved video files that you want to keep to a computer or other device before formatting. 

16.    Version – This screen displays how much memory space is available on your SD card as well as the Model of the device and date of manufacturing (Year-Month-Date).

 17.    Restore to defaults – Here you can reset the settings on the device back to their factory defaults. THIS INCLUDES THE PASSWORD PROTECTION. Make sure you re-add your settings preferences after you default the device. This will not affect any files stored on the SD card. 

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